DIGITAL ADVERTISING is an essential part of reaching your audience. Whether you are just beginning in digital advertising or you are more advanced in your marketing techniques, we will form and implement the right campaign for you.

DID YOU KNOW that 74% of people go online to learn more after hearing a product or service on TV or Radio? Wouldn’t it be great to stay in front of those consumers wanting to learn more?

 33% OF PEOPLE say they learn about a small business first through online research. This means that if you have no online presence, you likely won’t gain new customers. Your website is the destination for information and we are here to keep your business in front of the demographic you’re trying to reach.

Whether you need to target LOCAL or STATEWIDE we can help you reach new customers. We can customize a digital marketing strategy to help you reach your goals. Whether you decide to take advantage of Facebook and Instagram, or you want to target a specific place or event, we have you covered. The best part?  You will have full transparent reports at the end of each month so you can see how your customized campaign is working for you!

SO WHAT IS NEXT? Contact us by sending an email to or give us a call at (541)882-8833. We’ll schedule a meeting with you to plan the best digital and radio campaigns for you!