Klamath County has 7 new confirmed COVID-19 cases

Klamath County Public Health (KCPH) officials have announced two new COVID-19 cases in the county. These bring the county case count to 14, with 13 being active and one recovery. There have been 235 tests given in the county.

KCPH staff know there is a concern in the community about the increased case number. It is important that everyone takes this virus seriously. People can show their support for keeping the community healthy by staying home as much as possible and practicing social distancing, when leaving home is necessary. It is also important to understand that increased access to testing will find more cases. This is a positive step to being able to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Test results that show infection are followed up through contact tracing. This allows Public Health to work with the person about quarantine and isolation. It also protects everyone from infection by those members of the community who are at the highest risk of exposing others.

COVID-19 is now in the community. Many people will contract the virus and have no symptoms. They may infect others without realizing it. That is why staying at home, social or physical distancing, and frequent handwashing is so important.


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