Bonanza Junior/Senior High School has received a $2,000 equity and diversity grant from the OSAA Foundation to create an inclusion mural and organize cultural service projects on campus.

The mural will feature 16 famous faces with words that exemplify what it means to be “all in,” the school’s motto, said Jordan Osborn, principal at Bonanza Junior/Senior High School. 

The grant, written by Vice Principal Sergio Cisneros and English teacher Delana Heidrich, states: “Our goal is to create a space, climate, and culture that recognizes differences, celebrates the unique strengths of each of its individuals, and helps educate our school community on the value of equity and diversity.” 

Osborn said the faces on the mural will represent the Bonanza community and its youth. “We want every student who comes in the door to be able to look at that wall and see someone who looks like them or has the same interests as them,” he said. 

Bonanza will kick off its Equity and Diversity Initiative by asking students, staff, and community members to help determine a school-wide vision that encompasses the school’s “All In” theme.

The next phase, scheduled for the week of Jan. 25, will be a weeklong series of workshops, lessons, and activities that revolve around inclusion and diversity. 

Plans include:

  • a Ted Talk followed up with a Socratic seminar
  • a cultural art activity led by teachers
  • an educational lesson on the different famous faces that will be included on the diversity “all in” mural
  • a session on acts of service; students will write letters, paint pictures, or do some act of service for underserved and too often unnoticed groups within their community. 

The last day of the week will include a “Breaking Bread Together” session during which students and teachers during lunch will gather to discuss what they learned about diversity and equity.

Throughout the week, local muralist Robert Terrell will be painting the 10×33-foot mural on the wall in one of the school’s main hallways.

“This mural will serve as a reminder of what Bonanza stands for and as a commitment to diversity and inclusion for all future students and staff,” the application reads. “Understanding the awesome variety of each human being is quintessential for success in any field (especially education), and taking the time to learn who each student, staff and community member is — who each really is — is fundamental to any successful school.”


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