Full membership roster now available
 (Portland, OR) — The Governor’s Wildfire Economic Recovery Council, which serves to evaluate the economic and community needs of Oregonians as a result of the 2020 wildfire season, held its first meeting yesterday. The meeting included a statewide overview of impacted communities and lessons learned from previous recovery efforts in communities such as Paradise, California. 

“I am pleased the Wildfire Economic Recovery Council’s work is now underway,” said Governor Brown. “With over a million acres burned, thousands of homes and businesses destroyed, and so many Oregonians facing devastating loss due to wildfires, the work of this council––economic recovery for impacted communities––is of significant importance as we begin the work of rebuilding.” 

The council, co-chaired by Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle and State Treasurer Tobias Read, will work to help counties implement economic recovery solutions, bringing together federal, state, and local resources to support communities impacted by wildfires. The council will complete its initial work by December 31.

“Communities all over the state need help to recover from these wildfires,” said Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle. “Many challenges lie ahead in the coming months. The council will help develop a clear, collaborative plan to bring all levels of government together with local businesses, workers, and non-profits to rebuild the homes and economies that have been devastated.”

“The destruction this wildfire season has brought to the west has been shocking. My heart goes out to the people and communities impacted by the devastation,” said Treasurer Tobias Read. “As we begin our work on the Governor’s Wildfire Council, we will seize this opportunity and work with communities to decide what rebuilding looks like, and how to make them more resilient and prosperous.”

More information about the council, including a full membership list, is available here.


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