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Sept. 28, 2020

For more information, Matthew Barnes, ODOT Public Transportation, 503-986-4051

SALEM – When a disability or other life circumstance keep you from driving, public transportation is an essential lifeline. You need a reliable way to get to work, appointments and the grocery store. Knowing what transit services are available in your community can be hard to figure out.

With the help of two new grants, we hope it will be much easier for people to get the transportation services they need. The $40,000 and $480,000 grants come from the Federal Transit Administration.

Better information for easier choices

The $40,000 award comes from the FTA Mobility for All initiative. The funding will help ODOT’s Public Transportation Division make traveler information more accessible to those users who rely on things like door-to-door service, or transport of oversized wheelchairs.

The $480,000 award comes from the FTA Accelerating Innovative Mobility initiative. PTD will use the funding to create a web-based repository of transit data and census data. The project will build a user interface providing near-real time and historical transit network information to planners at the local, state and federal levels. Consistent and quality information leads to more effective investments in transit services and in the statewide network.

For riders, this could result in things like –

  • More seamless trips because of improved coordination across agencies.
  • Better transit service coverage because we can identify service gaps and target investments.

PTD has been pursuing federal grants for projects that support a more useful statewide transportation network that works for all travelers including those with special travel needs.

Receiving these two competitive Federal Transit Administration grant awards will further our work to improve public transportation accessibility throughout the state


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