The Oregon Department of Transportation is committed to providing a safe, efficient transportation system. ODOT invests in Oregon’s future through roadway improvement projects. The following projects are located witin ODOT’s Region 4 encompassing Central Oregon from The Dalles to Klamath Falls on the east side of the Cascades.

All work is dependent on weather conditions, and schedules are subject to change.

Klamath County

US97: Passing Lanes Project (MP180.06 – MP 182.86) Seeding work is scheduled to start during the day Tuesday through Friday. Expect minor delays.

US97: Midland Hwy. – California Highway (MP 280.51-MP 291.71) Cleanup, bump grinding, and striping work is scheduled during the night Sunday through Friday morning. Expect minor delays.

OR31 EAC Pavement overlay, Freemont Highway (MP 47.9 – MP 61) Striping work is scheduled during the day. Expect 20-minute delays.

OR 140: Olene – MP 15.35, Klamath Falls/Lakeview Highway. Striping work is scheduled during the night Wednesday night through Saturday morning.

OR39: Crest St. – Madison St. (MP 2.99 to MP 4.26). Work is scheduled to start in October 2020.

OR39: Klamath Falls /Lakeview Jct. (MP 0.12 – MP 6.28) Shoulder, guardrail, and cleanup work is scheduled during the day Monday through Friday – expect minor delays.

US395: Cogswell Creek and Crooked River culverts project, Freemont Highway (MP 130.40 & MP 152.26 and MP 230.58 & MP 152.45) Culvert and roadway work scheduled for Monday through Saturday. A temporary traffic signal has been installed for the work zone. Expect minor delays.

US395: Big Stick – Alkali Lake, Lakeview, Lakeview-Burns Highway (MP 15.43- MP46.93. Work is scheduled to start in April 2021.

Clackamas/Hood River counties

US26: Timberline Hwy.-OR 35 (MP54.2 – MP70.2Sign support footings work with triangular base standups, single lane closures with flagging and shoulder closures expected from MP 58 MP 71 on OR35.

Gilliam County

I-84 Swanson Canyon – Arlington project, Columbia River Highway (MP 125.5 – MP 137.78) Upcoming work expected for correction of removed striping. Mobile striping operation is expected though no date is set.

Hood River County

I-84: Hood River Eastbound & Westbound Bridges project, Columbia River Highway (MP  63.9 – MP 64.42)Work is in Stage 2 construction configuration, with an EB B-Lane closure for length of project and both WB lanes shifted. Demo for joints and Class 2 prep work will take place.

Hood River/Sherman counties

I-84 Hood River, I-84 Rufus & US97 Biggs Jct. VMS project, Columbia River and Sherman highways, (I-84EB MP63.04/WB MP109.5/US97 SB MP0.06). Intermittent daytime shoulder closures expected at all sites, doing wrap up and punch list work.

Jefferson County

Willowdale – Madras (MP 75.14-M.P.91.58)High Desert Aggregate and Paving will perform guard rail work during daytime hours throughout the work zone utilizing single lane closures with flaggers. Delays of up to 20 minutes are possible. The contractor will resume paving operations during nighttime hours between 6 p.m. and 9 a.m. Single lane closures controlled by flaggers and automated flaggers will occur during paving operations with delays of up to 20 minutes possible.

Sherman County

US 97: Spanish Hollow Creek & Trout Creek bridges project (M.P. 0.27 – M.P 6.98) Active work sites are between M.P. 2 and M.P. 7 on US97 during the week. Work is being performed below bridges and from off of the roadway. Shoulder closures may occur but no traffic impacts or delays are anticipated. Trucks will occasionally enter and leave from access points along shoulder.


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