The plan for today is to work further into the fires interior. Fire- fighters will be bringing in water pumps and laying hose. Starting at the established control lines crews will work inwards cooling hot spots and cleaning up around structures. 

With today’s wind advisory, winds will be coming in from the southwest and blowing to the northeast. Crews will be working on the north side of the fire, strengthening the control and contingency lines. The wind will be testing the control lines. Firefighters are prepared and ready. The fire still has planes and helicopters available, but with the thick smoke they are unable to fly. 

The National Guard is setting up their camp at the rodeo grounds on Chiloquin Boulevard. 

Safety remains our top priority. This includes trying to prevent COVID-19 infections. Personnel are following the Center for Disease Con- trol guidelines. This means limiting personal contact within fire camp and the community. The fire camp is closed to the public and media. 

Oregon Department of Forestry IMT 2 Bill Hunt, Incident Commander 

Size: 14,584 Acres Containment: 10% Start Date: Sept. 7, 2020 

7:00 p.m. Expected Containment Date: Sept. 25, 2020 Location: Northwest of Chilo- 

quin, Oregon Cause: Unknown Est. Cost: $2.5 million Personnel: 340 Resources: 3 hand crews 

33 Engines 17 Dozers 10 Water Tenders Aircraft: 4 Helicopters 

Evacuations: Level 3: (Go) 

  • Hwy 62 from mile post 100 to mile post 94 
  • Hwy 422 North from U.S. 97 to Hwy 62 
  • North of Collier State Park Logging Museum on Glendale Drive Level 2: (Get Set) None Level 1: (Get Ready) 
  • Highway 62 from mile- post 94 to Sun Moun- tain Road Structures Threatened: 1,278 Structures Damaged: 70 Structures Destroyed: 35 Closures: Road Closures are in 

place at: Modoc Point Road from Hwy 62 to milepost 1; Hwy 62 from milepost 94 to 100; and Hwy 422 North from Hwy 97 to Hwy 62 


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