As of 3:24 AM 9/8/2020:

Evacuation Levels have increased due to the fast growth of this wind-driven fire.

The fire jumped Hwy 422 North, meaning the Level 1 Evacuation Level reported a few hours ago extending from the south side of Hwy 422 North to the junction of Hwy 97 and Hwy 62 south of Chiloquin has been elevated to a Level 3 Evacuation.

Anyone to the south-southwest of the fire, including the Agency Lake area, is advised to be organized and ready for evacuation.  They should be prepared to leave immediately if necessary.

The fire is currently active between Hwy 97 to the east, Hwy 62 to the west, Hwy 422 North and Hwy 422 South.  It continues to be wind-driven, moving to the south and southwest.  The fire is currently estimated to have burned at least 4 miles from its initial point and the winds are not letting up.

Firefighters would like to thank everyone who has followed the evacuation orders and to law enforcement for getting people out.  This has allowed firefighters to focus on protecting firefighter safety and trying to help impacted properties.

Please bear in mind, this fire is moving extremely fast – firefighters and law enforcement have been working through the night to stay ahead of the fire for the safety of our neighbors and communities.  This is a dynamic and rapidly changing situation.  We are trying to get information out as quickly and effectively as possible.


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