Shortly before noon on August 31, 2020, Sheriff’s Deputy Rob Stewart was following a
California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officer westbound on Hwy 96 in the vicinity of Seiad Valley. A
white vehicle was traveling westbound ahead of the two marked patrol vehicles. The white
vehicle crossed over into the eastbound lane several times and then remained in the
eastbound lane on a blind corner. The CHP Officer and Deputy Stewart immediately initiated a
vehicle stop. The driver, Farrah Andrews, 43, was contacted and evidence of narcotic
paraphernalia in the vehicle was immediately evident. Andrews was taken into custody and a
search of the vehicle revealed a large amount of a crystal-like substance in a tin container.
Initial testing of the substance indicated the presence of methamphetamines. Andrews was
transported to the County Jail and booked for transporting methamphetamine for sales and
additional charges. The total weight of the substance was 171.16 grams.
According to Undersheriff Karl G. Houtman “The dangerous driving of Ms. Farrah Andrews
could have resulted in a head-on collision. The quick and decisive action taken by these alert
officers may very well have saved a life that day. In addition, they removed a large amount of
illegal drugs from the street, possibly saving more lives”.


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