Klamath Falls, OR. — August 25, 2020. With schools developing plans to reopen, and the business
community working hard to stay open, Healthy Klamath and its partners would like to encourage
Klamath County residents to continue following the best practices to keep our community safe.
With grant funding from Oregon Health Authority (OHA), Healthy Klamath is working to raise
countywide awareness about the need to physically distance when away from home, wash or sanitize
our hands and surfaces that we touch, and wear a face covering.
The OHA grant funding is partially being used to help us develop and implement a toolkit for local
organizations. In the initial rollout, Healthy Klamath is providing posters, flyers, postcards, public service
announcements, and social media graphics that can be downloaded at
www.healthyklamath.org/covidtoolkit. These resources are available in both English and Spanish. In
addition to electronic resources, organizations may request printed copies by emailing the team at
“We feel that it is important to come together as a community supporting each other in efforts to stop
the spread of COVID-19. We’ve worked alongside our community partners to design materials that will
be encouraging, with imagery that resonates with the people who live here”, says Kendra Santiago,
Public Relations and Marketing Manager for Blue Zones Project – Healthy Klamath. “As we roll out the
campaign, we are eager to receive feedback and insight on what additional information or support may
be needed from Healthy Klamath.”
In addition to the efforts to encourage people to follow best practices preventing the spread of the
disease, Healthy Klamath will work closely with other local organizations that were also awarded funds
from OHA – Friends of the Children-Klamath Basin, Klamath Health Partnership, and Klamath Works.
Klamath County Public Health is providing technical assistance to the four local recipients.

“With four organizations receiving funds from Oregon Health Authority for very similar projects, it’s
great that we’re working together to ensure the information we’re sharing is cohesive and timely,” says
Jennifer Little, director for Klamath County Public Health. “One of the greatest assets we have in
Klamath County is our ability to collaborate across sectors to maximize the impact of our work.”
Those interested in getting involved in the Healthy Klamath Coalition or learning more about ongoing
health and wellness initiatives in our community are encouraged to reach out via email to
info@healthyklamath.org or visit www.healthyklamath.org.
About Healthy Klamath
The Healthy Klamath Coalition is a multi-sector partnership established to guide community health
improvement efforts in Klamath County, Oregon. The community mobilized in 2012, forming the
coalition in response to consistently low rankings in the annual Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
(RWJF) County Health Rankings. Over the past seven years, dedicated community members, leaders,
and organizations have launched numerous initiatives, programs, and policy changes to address the
health factors contributing to poor health outcomes in Klamath County. Passionate community leaders
and community members are working together to find innovative solutions to address the health issues
where we live, learn, work, and play. This momentum is helping build a culture of health in Klamath


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