Klamath County, Oregon – With tonight’s overwhelming results it’s clear the voters of Klamath County believe that the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office is on the correct path in the rebuilding we began when I took office in January 2017. I am humbled and honored at the tremendous support that people have shown in the face of divisive tactics used by my main opponent in this primary. I feel the people of Klamath County have made their feelings known. 

My team and I will continue the hard work we began over three years ago; we will shortly restore 24 hour coverage for the first time in many years. We will continue to fill open positions with the highest quality people. There will be further changes in ongoing operations, these changes are designed to improve contact with the public and improve the service we provide. We will continue to implement a culture of service within all areas of the Sheriff’s Office. 

I am proud that my campaign focused on the many accomplishments our team had in my first term. We focused on those accomplishments and the improved working relationships we have built with many organizations as well as the public. 

This has been a difficult campaign with my opponent’s campaign executing false personal attacks on many of my friends, family, supporters, and other members of the office. He now has a responsibility to rebuild the divisions that he created and it is my expectation that he do this in very short order. We are a service organization, we serve the people of Klamath County and there will always be room in this organization for those who don’t lose sight of that. 

Sheriff Chris Kaber 


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