People in Oregon are being warned of a new telephone scam.

CPR Call Blocker, makers of the best-selling call blocking device in the US and the UK, is urging the public in Oregon to beware if they receive a call from an apparent police officer telling you that your bank card has been cloned or that money has been taken from your account.

The scam, which has been conning people, involves the ‘police officer’ asking the victim to either hand over their bank details, transfer funds or withdraw cash for collection.

Advice to prevent you becoming a victim of bogus calls:

  • Hang up if you ever have any doubts about someone who has called you.
  • Ensure the line has been terminated before making any further calls. You can tell if the dial tone is present or by using another phone.
  • Never give out your PIN number, banks will never ask for it.
  • Never give bank cards to anyone at your door, even if they say they’re from the bank.


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