After more than three adoption attempts for every horse available at the USDA Forest Service Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals and 30 days or more of being offered for sale with limitations at $25, all Devil’s Garden Horses remaining available for adoption and sale with limitations are one dollar beginning Jan. 10, 2020.
“This action is not meant to diminish the value of these amazing animals at all,” said District Ranger Lisa Spahr. “We hope it will help find good homes for the horses by encouraging trainers to purchase and sell them for a profit, after starting them for people who are not able to take on training a wild horse by themselves.”
Of the 344 Devil’s Garden Horses gathered in 2019 from the Modoc National Forest and kept at the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals, approximately 160 have been selected for placement into new homes.
Adoption events were held on November 2 and December 7 of last year at the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals to place Devil’s Garden Wild Horses gathered in the fall of 2019. Other adoption resources included video clips of each horse found at the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals Facebook page found at and hard-copy catalogues.
More information about sale with limitations is available in the request for purchase form. Anyone who would like to adopt or purchase Devil’s Garden Wild Horses should fill out the appropriate form found at and return it to Please call (530) 233-8738 for more information or to schedule a viewing and selection appointment.


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