Crater Lake National Park Rangers need your help! We are trying to identify the person or people who drove off-road from the Road to Rim Village and caused some substantial damage to plants and park resources (not to mention an eyesore).
Rangers believe this happened during the evening of Saturday November 23 or early morning on Sunday the 24th.

If you have any information regarding this violation, please contact NPS Law Enforcement at (541) 594-3053 or you can submit a tip online at
You may remain anonymous if you wish.

We greatly appreciate your help and support with this. Driving off-roadways and damaging resources is a federal crime punishable by up to $5,000 and/or six months imprisonment for each offense.

Plants at Crater Lake only get sunlight for a very short window over the summer months during which they can grow. The remainder of the year they may be buried under 15 feet or more of snow! Additionally park staff spend countless hours every year rehabilitating areas damaged by visitors driving off-road or hiking off trail.

To report a crime in a National Park, please call 911 or contact a Park Ranger immediately.


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