HOW WILL YOU KNOW? The weather is expected to warm up this week, but this is a good time to make sure your information is up-to-date with your school so you know if classes are delayed or cancelled. Following is KCSD’s plan to let you know when school will not be held as regularly scheduled:

— Our first line of communication will be through the One Call Now system. Please make sure that the school(s) your student(s) attend have your current contact information in the system.

— If we find it necessary to close school in the morning, announcements will be made over radio and television stations listed below after 6 A.M. We advise you to listen to your local stations in the mornings and/or visit our district website, and Facebook page and Twitter pages, where messages will be posted.

— If it is necessary to dismiss school early due to bad weather or other emergencies, announcements will be made on the same radio and television stations periodically throughout the day and posted on our district website, and Facebook and Twitter pages as soon as a decision is made.

Radio stations: AM 960 KLAD 1150 KAGO 1450 KFLS FM 92.5 KLAD 96.5 KFLS (CD Country) 99.5 KAGO 104.7 KFEG 105.5 KKKJ (3KJ) 106.9 KKRB
Television stations: KOBI/KOTI KDRV/KDKF KTVL

Please do not telephone the stations, the school, or the school district office. Arrangements have been made with the stations to broadcast the information to you. Thank you!


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