KLAMATH FALLS, Ore – Last week could have been the big step forward that the Pelicans had hoped. But instead it was a big 35-6 loss to the cross town rival Henley Hornets. 

For KU it was a great offensive night, aside from only putting up 6 points. They had 3 double-digit play drives. I’m sure that’s where they would like me to stop, and omit the fact that they had 3 turnovers within 30 yards of the end-zone. One of which was a pick-6 credited to Henley Senior John Mark Tacchini. Aaron Franklin threw an interception on the next drive for KU as well that Henley cashed in on. 

For the Hornets it was business as usual. They continued to run the ball through the 6’2 Senior, Cameron O’Connor and Tacchini. Smash mouth football wins in high school. Henley doesn’t play for style points, they play for points. Henley slammed the door in the 4th with a Gavin Graham 46 yard TD catch making the score final 35-6. 

Now KU is gonna have to scratch and claw for a potential play-in game for the playoffs which they will likely travel for. Things look grim but an 0-4 start is not as bad as it seems. This week KU plays Phoenix who by all standards should be a win for the Pels. That’s where they need to start. If they can finish 3-1 over their last 4, that would be an overall good comeback into a season that has not started to plan. 

Watch KU vs Phoenix this week on mybasin.com. 


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