Monday thru Friday:

Midnight to 3am:  Coast to Coast
3am to 6am: Angie Austin
6am to 9am:  Glenn Beck
9am to Noon:  Rush Limbaugh
Noon to 3pm:  Sean Hannity
3pm to 6pm:  Mark Levin
6pm to 9pm:  Dave Ramsey
9 to Midnight:  Coast to Coast


Midnight – 4am:  Coast to Coast
4am to 6am:  Sean Hannity
6am to 9am:  On the House
9am to Noon: Rush Limbaugh
Noon to 3pm: Glenn Beck
3pm to 6pm:  Dave Ramsey
7pm to 10pm:  Todd Starnes
10pm to Midnight:  Coast to Coast


Midnight to 5am:  Coast to Coast
5am to 8am: Rush Limbaugh
9am: Church of Christ
11am to 2pm:  The Brian Kilmeade Show
6pm to 9pm:  Armed American Radio
9pm to Midnight:  Coast to Coast


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