The Boy Scouts of America in the Klamath Falls area is expanding out further into our community. They are looking at starting Cub Scout Packs in Chiloquin and at Henley. All Scouting groups are made up of parents and youth Kindergarten thru 12th grade.

Scouting has been helping make friends and teaching our youth life lessons for over the last 120 years. Times have changed and so has the Boy Scouts. They have had to adapt to the new and ever changing environment. They now take Boys, Girls and Families at all ages and their core values are what make them the best at what they do. 

There are Cub Scout meetings at Roosevelt, Shasta, Ferguson, Peterson, Keno, Bonanza, the Elks Lodge, all LDS Church’s in the area with new meetings at Henley and Chiloquin starting soon. Older scout Troop meetings can be found at the Nazarene Church, Ferguson, Keno and Bonanza.

For the older scouts interested in Law Enforcement they have an Explorer Post with the Klamath Falls City Police and a Search and Rescue one is being started out at Henley for the Klamath County Sheriffs Office. The Boy Scouts of America has a lot to offer the youth and our community.

For more information on how to be a scout please contact Ken Banks at 541-882-4611 or email him at


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