WASHINGTON – The Bureau of Reclamation has selected five projects to receive a total of $281,500 for small-scale water efficiency grants in Oregon. The grants will help the water entities use water more efficiently and improve water supply reliability in the western United States.

“This WaterSMART program improves water conservation and reliability for communities throughout the West,” said Reclamation Commissioner Brenda Burman. “This cost-shared funding is providing an opportunity for these water providers and tribes to invest in using their water more efficiently.”

Projects in Oregon are:

  • The Horsefly Irrigation District in Bonanza, Oregon, will receive $74,400 to convert 3,100 feet of open canal to buried pipe. This project will decrease water lost to evaporation and seepage in the current system. Conserved water will help the District meet demands during times of water shortage.
  • The Ochoco Irrigation District in Prineville, Oregon, will receive $75,000 to convert 1,790 linear feet of unlined open canal to a closed piped system. This project will increase water delivery efficiency and reduce tailwater spills.
  • The Talent Irrigation District in Talent, Oregon, will receive $33,143 to line 960 feet of its Main Canal with shotcrete. This project will conserve water by reducing leaks and seepage, thereby providing a more reliable supply during below-average water years.
  • The Vanbrimmer Ditch Company in Klamath Falls, Oregon, will receive $63,663 to convert approximately 1,000 feet of open canal to a buried pipe system. This project will reduce water loss from evaporation and seepage to increase the reliability of supplies during dry years.
  • The Westland Irrigation District in Echo, Oregon, will receive $35,294 to install an automated flume gate near the bifurcation on its Main Canal into two separate canals. The flume gate will be integrated with the current Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system and will allow the District to improve delivery efficiencies through better management of flows into the two canals.

Under this funding opportunity, applicants can request up to $75,000 in Reclamation funding and must contribute a non-federal cost-share of at least 50% of total project costs. For a complete list and to learn more please visit https://www.usbr.gov/watersmart/swep/.

Small-Scale Water Efficiency Projects are part of the WaterSMART Program. Through WaterSMART, Reclamation works cooperatively with states, tribes, and local entities as they plan and implement actions to increase water supply reliability through investments to modernize existing infrastructure and attention to local water conflicts. Visit www.usbr.gov/watersmart to learn more.


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