Noah is a wild crazy active 3 year old little boy. He was born with CDH and fought so hard for his life in the beginning. He is a warrior. Unfortunately Noah has another battle to fight. At his annual well child checkup they did a chest X-Ray to make sure his diaphragm was still holding steady. They found a lesion in the upper lobe of his right lung (his bad lung.)

After a CT scan, Noah was diagnosed with Stage 1 Pleuropulmonary Blastoma, which is an incredibly rare childhood cancer. The good news in all of this chaos and heartbreak is that after speaking with the board they are about 80% sure that he will not need to undergo a clinical trial, chemotherapy or radiation. His lesion is almost 3cm and it is lucky that it was caught this early on X-Ray. The doctors seem optimistic they can remove the lesion without further treatments.

Please help Noah and his family fight this fight. This will cover all our travel/lodging (if needed), food, medical expenses, and any and all further medical trips to see his oncologist/surgeon.

Thank you!❤


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