Government agencies across Oregon will go on a run of remodeling public buildings and erecting new ones under legislation recently approved.

House Bill 5006 is a checklist of big-ticket construction projects costing a total $528 million.

The money comes from lottery and other bonds and $33.7 million from the federal government. That money will go to fund projects on National Guard bases and aviation facilities. The money will be divided and allocated to many different projects, including the following: 

About $200 million will go to tackling the state’s housing crisis.

Lawmakers approved $150 million in bonds to build about 2,100 units of affordable housing for low-income Oregonians through the Local Innovation Fast Track, or LIFT, program. 

The Legislature also approved another $50 million for about 500 units to house low-income people who have disabilities or are chronically homeless. Those units will be in the form of permanent supportive housing, which pairs housing with support services such as health care.

The bill lays out about $65 million to pay for maintenance, code compliance, and to enhance safety and accessibility at public university buildings.

There are many other projects the money will help accomplish. 


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