Klamath and Lake Counties Council on Aging is looking for volunteers.

The organization has implemented a “Klamath Village” in Klamath County & the “Outback Strong Village” in Lake County.

Their mission is to recruit volunteers to meet the needs of older adults and adults with disabilities living in their homes.  The purpose of their program is to reduce isolation and trauma for older Americans, to provide maintenance for challenged living situations, such as helping with transportation needs, assistance with housework, yardwork, home repairs or simply providing a friendly phone calls or  friendly visits.  The aim is to help keep senior citizens in Klamath and Lake Counties “aging in place”.  They also seek to strengthen connections to the community and to better connect generations. Klamath & Lake Villages is a way for community members and businesses to give back to their community through volunteerism.

They need community volunteers to make this project work.  There are currently over 25 seniors awaiting volunteer services.

Please contact Lisa  Bertash at (541) 205-5400 or email lisa.bertash@klccoa.org.  You may also stop by our office at 404 Main Street, Suite 6, in downtown Klamath Falls.


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