Axell is two-years-old and he was diagnosed on June 7th with a rare disease called Kawasakis disease. Prior to diagnosis he was life flighted to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital with swollen lymph nodes that were infected and obstructing his airway and treated and released after 5 days. After coming back to Klamath Falls his family had some concerns and took him to a pediatrician where he was diagnosed with Kawasakis disease and sent back to Portland for treatment of his condition. His heart was damaged and there are other long-term side effects to the disease that will have to be closely monitored in the next few years.

Prior to this incident Axell has had 4 surgeries due to complications with his Kidney’s and bladder.

His GOFUNDME was set up to cover travel and medical expenses related to his operations. He will be headed back to Portland several times in the next 6 months and his family has missed and will continue to miss a lot of work to be with him.


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