Reps For Vets is Hosting it’s First Ever Remembrance Run for our Hero’s Past and present!🇺🇸 Reps For Vets is a Apparel company that helps Raise awareness for our Hero’s who struggle with P.T.S.D and much more.

So please come down join us for this amazing event at 8:00AM on May 27th in front of Subaru on Washburn Way, and help us carry our Nations Colors from there down to Veterans Park. If you would rather cheer from the sidelines that is awesome and very much appreciated as well.

The route will be posted later but a quick run down on the route it will be straight Down Washburn, turn onto south sixth and towards Veterans Park. Thank you for your support and God Bless you all and our Hero’s!🇺🇸 (P.S Bring plenty of water)


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