Plan to come and hear professionals in our community speak about topics that directly effect our Cleanup and Maintenance efforts at Eternal Hills. We will meet May 22nd in Linman Hall at 6:30 p.m.

Some topics to be covered are:
-What is happening with the earth, vegetation and rodent population on the property.
-Proper equipment and management of the grass including methods for weed control.
-Do’s and Dont’s to prevent further erosion and topsoil issues.
-OMCB’s role.
-Local and state laws and how we can continue volunteering effectively within the laws.
-Information on the Oregon Revised Statute in regards to disinterment.
-more topics are under discussion.

Guest speakers who are well versed and knowledgeable in their fields will be attending to make us all aware of how we can continue making a positive difference.

We have invited landscapers, engineers, attorneys, real estate professionals, equipment professionals and we plan to invite a representative from Klamath County Law Enforcement, klamath County Fire District, Klamath County Chamber of Commerce. Invites have already been sent to the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board and the United States Bankruptcy Court Trustee.


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