La Grande, Ore. – A total of 46 Oregon Tech student-athletes in the spring sports of men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s track & field, softball and baseball have earned U.S. Bank Academic All-CCC honors for their performances in the classroom, the conference office announced.

To earn recognition as a CCC scholar-athlete, a student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2 and sophomore standing.

Name                                 Class     Sport                        Major 
Sarah Abramson                     Jr.        Softball                       Pre-Nursing
Annika Andersen                    Sr.        W. Track/Field            Renewable Energy Engineering
McKenna Armantrout             Jr.        Softball                       Environmental Science
Jessica Arrington                    Sr.        W. Track/Field            Mechanical Engineering
Cameron Barnhardt                Jr.        M. Golf                       Engineering
Kiahna Brown                         Sr.        Softball                       Medical Imaging Technology
Nishi Chase                             Jr.        W. Track/Field            Pre-Nursing
Carissa Choukalos                  Jr.        W. Track/Field            Biology Health Sciences
Dillon Claybaugh                    Jr.        M.Track/Field             Biology Health Sciences
Kylie Collom                          Sr.        W. Golf                       Biology Health Sciences
Jacey Conklin                         Sr.        Softball                       Business Management
Josh Davis                               Sr.        Baseball                       Engineering
Danielle De Castro                 Sr.        W. Track/Field            Mechanical Engineering
Brandon Erickson                   Sr.        M. Golf                       Engineering
Holly Froelich                         Jr.        W. Golf                       Nursing
Susie Garza                             Sr.        W. Track/Field            Applied Psychology
German George                      Sr.        Baseball                       Respiratory Care
Ben Hood                               Sr.        Baseball                       Communication
Shayna Ige                              Jr.        Softball                       Applied Psychology
Micah Jio                                So.       Baseball                       Civil Engineering
Lucas Jones                             Sr.        M.Track/Field             Software Engineering
Stephanie Koza                       Jr.        W. Golf                       Biology Health Sciences
Shelby Latourrette                   Jr.        W.Golf                       Medical Imaging Technology
Zach Malina                            So.       M. Golf                       Mechanical Engineering
Jared McBride                        Jr.        M. Golf                       Business Management
Tim McPherson                      Sr.        M.Track/Field             Operations Management
David Palmer                          Jr.        Baseball                       Civil Engineering
Donnie Pate                            Jr.        M.Track/Field             Civil Engineering
Cindy Reed                             Sr.        W. Track/Field            Biology Health Sciences
Madison Rice                          Jr.        W. Track/Field            Nursing
John Schulz                             Sr.        Baseball                  Mechanical Engineering
Abigail Shaw                          Jr.        W. Track/Field            Nursing
Tristan Shea                           Sr.        Baseball                   Health Care Management
Courtney Tabion                     So.       W. Golf                       Biology Health Sciences
Jarrett Taira                             Sr.        Baseball                    Electrical & Renewable Energy
Trask Telesmanich                  Sr.        Baseball                   Renewable Energy Engineering
Alexander Turkins                  Jr.        M.Track/Field             Nursing
Darby Twight                          Jr.        W. Golf                       Mechanical Engineering
Angel Valdez                          Jr.        M.Track/Field             Applied Psychology
Chase Wago                            Jr.        Baseball                       Civil Engineering
Mallory Ward                          Jr.        W. Track/Field            General Studies
Loryn Williams                       Sr.        Softball                       Respiratory Care
Paul Wyatt                              Sr.        M.Track/Field             Software Engineering
Baylee Wyscaver                    Jr.        Softball                       Applied Psychology
Allison Young                         Sr.        W. Track/Field            Biology Health Sciences
Austin Zavala                         Sr.        Baseball                       Civil Engineering


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