The City Council of Klamath Falls took steps last night to encourage economic development in our Community. Council met last evening and discussed issues related to the development of new businesses in our community. The actions taken by Council were important steps in strengthening our community and providing opportunities to bring in new development. Council, through its action to invest in a potential waterfront hotel to be located in TimberMill Shores, demonstrated that we are open for business. Council voted 4-0 to support a one-time investment for the new development; it is a time-sensitive opportunity as limited funding is available and certain benchmarks would need to be met to qualify for the funds.

Council also acted to clarify City Code for the TimberMill Shores area to assist several economic development projects to advance. Renewed interest in the area has developers looking not only at a hotel, but additional retail and restaurant opportunities. The clarification regarding the definition of mixed use will allow projects stalled by confusing wording and onerous requirements to advance.

“Activating the waterfront at Lake Ewauna has been a long time coming. By removing roadblocks within the City Code and promoting commercial development in the area, the City of Klamath Falls is showing that it will not hinder development and that by listening to land owners and developers we can partner with them to make economic development a reality,” said City Councilman Matt Dodson.

Citizen support of new development aids our community leaders in their mission to stimulate growth by encouraging investment, generating prosperity and strengthening the City’s competitive position. The Council’s collective efforts support economic growth by

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encouraging new investments and job creation and staff continues to work to continue to build on that momentum.

City Councilman Todd Andres said, “The City should be a leader in economic development and we are proud to have shown that last night. It is our responsibility to ensure our economy is healthy and there are job opportunities for our citizens. I believe the actions we took last night is just a little part of what’s to come.”

Questions? Please feel free to contact the City of Klamath Falls Administrative offices at (541) 883-5316.


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