So far in the ongoing Oregon election, in the governor race, Kate Brown leads Knute Buehler 52.3 percent to 43.1 percent. At this point in time, only 66 percent of the state has reported in.

In the race for a seat in the house, for district 2, Greg Walden is in the lead to be re elected. Jamie McLeod Skinner trails Walden by almost 20 percent of the votes. At this time, it looks like Greg Walden will be the only republican elected to the house of representatives in Oregon.  

For the measures on the ballot, 102 which is a measure to use bonds to build affordable housing has a yes majority vote. Measure 103 which is a measure to ban any future tax on groceries in Oregon has a yes majority vote. Measure 106 which is a measure to ban public abortion funding has a no majority vote.

Specifically in Klamath county, Measure 110 which is the measure about the 2nd amendment preservation ordinance has a strong majority vote of yes.  measure 111, the measure that deals with a 5 year renewal of current local option tax for museums has a strong yes majority vote. And the highly controversial measure of 112 which would allow the city of Klamath falls the ability of recreational marijuana production and sales with a 3%  tax on retail sales has a yes majority vote with 52.04 percent.

These results are not 100 percent final, and we will continue to keep you updated throughout the 2018 election.   


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