EAGLE POINT, Ore – The Eagle Point community is mourning the loss of three high school seniors who were tragically killed in a head-on collision Saturday, May 19th. Oregon State Police released the names of Luciana Tellez, Giselle Montano, and Esmeralda Nava. The young women were driving South on I-5 near Rice Hill when they were struck by a red Acura travelling the wrong way North on the interstate. Everyone involved died at the scene.

“When I would walk in there, you’d always see these three together, and you’d always hear laughter and kindness and fun,” District Superintendent Cynda Rickert said. “These young women were three very close friends, they were joyful young people.”

Counselors are available for anyone affected by the deaths of the teenagers, and a vigil is set up outside the district office. An account at Rogue Credit Union is offering donations to the family of the victims under “Eagle Point Girls Memorial Fund”.


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